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Got Cooking Wood? New England Firewood LLC Delivers Quality Firewood Fast.

**Attention Pizza Oven, Serious BBQ's or Smokers**
New England Firewood now offers Hickory, Oak and Cherry Wood Chucks for
Pizza Oven and Smokers! We sell by Cord or by .75 cubic bags and can be added to any order or by special request!


We offer simple, quick ordering by phone and delivery services usually either the day of or the following day, depending on the time of day we receive your order. We deliver throughout North Shore of Boston.  ​Our firewood prices are always in line with fair market prices, so you don’t have to shop around to find the best deal.


We deliver quality northern hardwoods that are uniformly cut and split to about 16"-22" in length.  We deliver your loose wood in a 12 foot dump truck. We can drop the loose wood into a pile on your driveway (leave a marker where you want us to unload it if you’re not home), yard, or any other location safely accessible to our truck — must be free of overhead wires and tree limbs. 

Moisture content will vary during winter months due to rain, snow, etc.

Seasoned Cooking Firewood (Cherry, Hickory, Oak) — 20% to 25%+ moisture content

  • 1/4 cord (33 cu. ft.): $309.00 

  • 1/2 cord (64 cu. ft.): $399.00 

  • 1 cord (128 cu. ft.): $559.00

​**Do to extreme demand for firewood, ask for availability**

We also offer stacking, please ask for details and pricing. ​

Cooking Wood Chunk Bags .75 Cubic Feet Only $18.99 while supply's last, they are going fast! 

Cooking Wood Chip Bags .75 Cubic Feet Only $15.99 while supply's last, they are going fast! 

Boxford Firewood 2
Boxford Firewood
Firewood Lynnfield, MA
Adopt Island North Andover, MA
Firewood North Andover, MA
 High Quality Firewood
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Affordable Prices
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