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New England Land Clearing can serve homeowners looking to expand their yards with new & open space.

Need a fast, reliable, local land clearing & yard expansion backyard site work service? Look no further than New England Land Clearing for your home or backyard needs. Whether the reasoning is that you’re looking for more light, want a larger more usable lawn, or simply have too many trees and want to push the tree line back we’re here to help.


Some homeowners looking for yard expansion services know exactly which trees need to go; however, others have a goal in mind but are uncertain of which trees should be removed in order to accomplish their goal. For those looking for assistance, we can walk your property and offer suggestions as to which trees should be removed and which, if any, should stay. Our experience allows us to highlight issues that are often overlooked by homeowners such as choosing the right trees to leave in order to retain a privacy screen between you and your neighbors. This helps eliminate post-service regret creating more satisfied customers.

Yard Expansion Andover MA
Yard Expansion North Andover MA.jpg
Boxford Firewood 2
Boxford Firewood
Firewood Lynnfield, MA
Adopt Island North Andover, MA
Firewood North Andover, MA
 High Quality Firewood
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Affordable Prices
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